Why We Build Bespoke Accelerators
Here at Pace we don’t believe in a one size fits all methodology. When clients ask for our help to be more innovative, or how to solve some of their biggest challenges, or even simply how to effectively work with startups, it doesn’t make sense for us to offer the same accelerator package every time. For one, it’s not very innovative, and secondly, we recognise every challenge or situation we are presented with is unique. And that deserves a bespoke client solution.

Why Pace Ventures exists

We believe that in a fast paced world, only the most innovative businesses will survive. Lehman Brothers, Woolworths and Blockbuster serve as striking examples of when failure to embrace the future led to their ultimate downfall. Their similarity – which extends to a lesson for businesses in any industry – is that they continued to operate in exactly the same way as they did five or ten years ago. So how do you prevent this? You innovate, sure, but what does that mean How do you do it? How do you convince board level individuals to get behind your new fangled ideas for change? This is the million dollar question, and one we are here to solve. Every corporate, government, or partnership that we work with is different, and their goals vary significantly. What remains the same is the ambition for change, the need to innovate, and the appetite for creating something new and powerful.

How we build innovation for clients

We are by no means typical venture builders, and nor are we a standard consultancy that just offers to create accelerators. Operating at what we see as the ideal cross-section of the two, we offer a truly unique opportunity to our clients to build the kind of initiatives that will help separate them from their competitors. In some cases workshops are a great means of changing attitudes and building capacity for internal innovation. In others, it requires looking at the wider sector and crowdsourcing ideas by way of hackathons. And lastly, sometimes, what is truly needed is a physical space in which you can house companies that you wish to invest in, partner with, and work with to build better solutions and products for consumers around the world. This concept of incubators and accelerators is nothing new, but as with anything, it is evolving. We do not believe in a standard, easily replicable model. Together with our clients, partners and incredible network of mentors/Angels/VCs, we are constantly striving for the next stage of incubation that ties together corporates, governments, and startups, all with the goal of enhancing the world in which we live with future technologies and better quality products and services

Who we are 

As the team grows, we continue to hold onto our roots, which are an intriguing blend of building startups, (both successes and failures!) global consultancy experience, and even a social enterprise. Not to mention we’ve run an accelerator or two in the past, working with the likes of Oxygen and Techstars, and building others from the ground up, including Pi Labs, Europe’s first property technology accelerator. We are a startup in our own right, punching far above our weight in terms of clients and reach, and we’re on a mission to evolve the accelerator landscape. And that most certainly doesn’t come from a one size fits all model. 


Mark Corbett
Co-founder of Pace Ventures & The Vault London. Big on innovation, startups, yoga & trying new things. KCL & Enactus Alumnus. Gooner.